Shelly's Web Design Movies

These movies correspond with lessons in the Intro to Web Site Design course (GC162/ITWEB103) at Prairie State College.

Slicing a Photoshop Design & Building a Dreamweaver Template and Basic Web Site

Each movie is approximately 5 minutes long.

Download all movies in a zip file - right-click on the link and save it to your local drive:
All movies (zipped)

Or, view/save each movie individually:

Step 1: How to Slice a Photoshop layout

Step 2: How to Save a Sliced PSD for CSS output

Step 3: How to Define a Site in Dreamweaver

Step 4: Create a Dreamweaver Template

Step 5: Create Pages in Dreamweaver

Step 6: Fix Hyperlinks and Add Content


These movies require the free Adobe Flash Player to view.